5 reasons why the new Top Gear wasn’t the worst thing ever

4.4 Million of us tuned in to the first episode of the new Top Gear last Sunday.

According to Twitter, it was the absolutely the worst thing that has ever been on television.


Right then let’s just slow down. We can all agree on a couple of things:

  • Chris Evans, bit annoying. He’s always been a bit annoying. He’s Chis Evans. He’s a bit annoying. I bet you’ve been a bit annoying before in your life.
  • We missed the Clarkson, Hammond and May. We knew we would miss them but they’ve gone.

Let’s not forget why Jeremy Clarkson isn’t on that show anymore.

Punching. You mustn’t punch people Jeremy. It’s not good to punch.

So the first episode of the new Top Gear was a bit different. So it didn’t feature the cheeky trio we’d come to know and love. This is what happens when you punch people. I loved the UK vs USA Blackpool race, you don’t see enough drag queens from Blackpool on TV so that was nice.


The new off road rally section on the track, genius. I also agree with the nation that Matt Le Blanc is undoubtably the saviour of the new Top Gear.

I couldn’t agree more with Dan:

Look how brave Caroline was to support the new Top Gear during a Twitter backlash. I quite liked it too.

Was it the best TV programme I’ve ever seen? No.

Was it the best episode of Top Gear I’ve ever seen. No.

But let’s give this format a chance.

If you really miss Jeremy Clarkson. (Even though he punched that man, we mustn’t punch remember?) You can catch the new old Top Gear… on Amazon Prime? It’s not called Top Gear and you can only watch it if  you subscribe or you pay and you can watch it online? Or if you have a Kindle? Or a fire stick? Ok I’m unsure, is the truth.

The new Top Gear is on actual telly. Easier.