Byron Hamburgers review

The Euros 2016. What a rollercoaster it has been.

With the football madness about to come to an end, lets look at my highlight from this years tournament…

A Ronaldo inspired burger from Byron Hamburgers. Ladies and Gentlemen be upstanding for ‘The Byronaldo Burger’.


I visited Byron Grey Street in Newcastle to see if this burger can really ‘get the ball rolling’.

(You’ll be glad to know that is the first and the last football reference featured in this review.)

It was my first visit to the restaurant and I was really impressed. It’s massive. There’s 3 floors! It’s a nice place to spend some time too. The place doesn’t feel crowded and there’s a great vibe, a real nice buzz about the place. Something you don’t get with some chain burger restaurants.

It felt really personal, which was nice. The staff were awesome and I was also really impressed with the effort that had clearly gone into the food.

Here’s my Byronaldo in all it’s glory:

A monster of a burger guaranteed to get your tastebuds going. There’s some really cool things in this burger:


The first one that stood out for me, the Bovril onions. Now if there’s one thing that me and Ronaldo both have in common, it’s that we both love Bovril.

Being a Yorkshireman, I love gravy. Bovril is essentially a gravy drink. Delicous. Ronaldo also has his Yorkshire routes, not a lot of people know about his Uncle Barry from Huddersfield for example.

If unlike me and Ronaldo, you’re not a fan of Bovril… Try these onions. What an absolute game-changer. They set this burger off and alongside the caramelised onions, create a ridiculously flavoursome mix.

Second thing that stood out, the sauce. Right then, I am not a fan of mustard. The first time I tried mustard I thought it had gone off. This burger is covered in ‘Byron mustard sauce’ and it is delicious. Really creamy with the Fredder™ cheese and it taste’s nothing like mustard. It taste’s good for a start.

I went medium-rare with a portion of skin-on chips.

The burger was cooked to perfection and I absolutely destroyed those skin-on chips, highly recommend you try them.

If I was to be overly-critical I would say I would have preferred a sesame-seed bun, rather than the brioche bun which can be a little dry. The price is good, The Byronaldo Burger is £10.95. A Classic Burger is £6.95 which again, is a cracking price.

Overall I was really impressed. The food was good and the atmosphere was even better. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, tasty burger in a welcoming environment then Byron’s is ideal. It doesn’t feel like a fast food diner. It feels like your burger has been crafted, thought about. I loved the variety on the menu and I felt really chuffed with my meal.

My verdict: Proper vibe, great food.

You must try: Bacon cheese topped fries. World class.


I will end this review with the best thing that I have ever seen on a drinks menu.

‘Upgrade your milkshake to a hard shake by choosing any bourbon, spiced rum or Baileys (25ml)  for an additional £2.75.’ 



Byron Hamburgers – Grey Street Newcastle. To book a table now call  0191 261 2277 or go to