Everyday is Yorkshire Day

Yesterday was Yorkshire Day.

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We don't mess about #yorkshireday #godsowncountry

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Described by The Yorkshire Post as England’s biggest and most glorious county. Described by many more as God’s own country. Yorkshire (or Yooooooooorkshire, to give it’s proper name) is universally recognised by everyone who lives there, as bloody lovely.

So what is Yorkshire Day? A day to celebrate all things Yorkshire? Drink gravy and be ridiculously proud of being from Yorkshire? The thing is about being from Yorkshire, is we are always ridiculously proud of being from Yorkshire. I don’t think we need a specific day.

Look at this beautiful picture of Yorkshire for example:


Oooo int’ it crackin!

So in honour of the day dedicated to Yorkshire. I present to you a podcast dedicated to Yorkshire. As I try to get my head around why we, the people from Yorkshire, are so passionate about it.

Coz there’s nowt better than a bloody good podcast. Get your lug holes round this!