The best things in life are free

Five pound notes are now waterproof, what a time to be alive.

I’m going to kick this blog post off with a quote from some Swedish philosophers.

Money, money, money. Must be funny. In a rich man’s world.

Thanks Abba, I’m sure money is funny if you’ve got loads of it. I bet it’s bloody hilarious. To most of us money isn’t funny, it’s not even mildly amusing.

To most of us money is something we have to keep an eye on. We pay the bills and maybe get ourselves the odd treat here and there. I treat myself with biscuits, a bit like a dog.

I’ve always had a strange relationship with money.

I’m inherently thrift due to the fact that I’m from Yorkshire. We are brought up that way. However I am also partial to a bargain. I will, for instance, buy something I don’t want or need because it’s cheap.

For example, I recently left a newsagents with a drifter. (The chocolate bar, not a hitchhiker.) I’d gone in with the intention of buying the new Kit Kat Chunky but I’d been seduced by the drifter’s 40p price tag. I was in one of those newsagents where they bump the price of chocolate bars up for no apparent reason, so the drifter felt like the better deal.

It was 95p for a Mars Bar. It’s a quid isn’t it? 95p is basically a quid.

Has the answer to the question ‘What chocolate bar should I buy?’ ever been ‘You should buy a drifter.’ No. No it hasn’t. Nobody would ever say that. I’m also fairly confident the drifter was past it’s sell by date.

40p though, what a bargain.

Aren’t things so much better when you don’t have to pay? Freebies can even make food taste better. I recently got a free slice of Pizza from Manny’s in Newcastle. (Which by the way if you’re ever in Newcastle city centre you have to try, it’s awesome.)


Free food = delicious.

I would have gladly paid for a slice at Manny’s just to eat in their chill out basement. The best way to describe it is it’s like a pizza nightclub. For me the one thing missing from nightclubs is food.

They used to sell hotdogs in Oceana in Leeds. They were rubbish.

I think you can tell a lot about a person’s relationship to money based on what coin they would never throw away. I draw the line at 10p. I’ve discarded 1p’s and 2p’s before. I’ve even thrown away the odd 5p. I would never throw away a 10p coin. It feels too much like money. A couple more of those and you’re well on your way to an out of date drifter.

If you are reading this thinking ‘I’d probably discard a 10p, or 20p or even a 50p.’ then you’ve got too much money.

My Dad would never throw any money away. Even if his wallet was bursting to the seams with 1p coins, he doesn’t have it in him. He’s the kind of person who would keep foreign coins that are out of circulation. Well you never know do you?

I’ve never been good at saving money.

I also struggle when listening to people tell the amazing £2 coin saving scheme story. I’ve had a couple of people now tell me they do this and every time I have to act like it’s a ground breaking idea. You know the one..

‘What I do is every time I get given a £2 coin, I save it. I save all my £2 coins in a big jar. Then I have a look at the end of the of the year and you’d be surprised how much you save! It’s a great way to make money, it’s changed my life. Last year I must have saved £500. £500 in £2 coins, isn’t that amazing?’

To which I have had to reply ‘Yes that’s amazing.’

That’s not amazing though is it? That’s just called saving.

That’s just called saving.