Greggs Delivered: Pros and Cons

There are 29 Greggs in Newcastle.

That’s a canny few sausage rolls.

I’ve yet to meet anyone in the North East who isn’t a fan of Greggs. Statistics have shown that on any given day around 90% of Geordies will have wolfed down a steak bake within the past 48 hours. Fact. You can’t argue with the facts.

I love pasties. I’m particularly partial to a vegetable pastie. However, you should never eat a vegetable pastie when it’s cold. It’s unpleasant.

The nations favourite bakery chain have announced this week that they are starting a brand new delivery service.

I’m very excited about this. So excited that today I went to visit the flagship delivery store at the Cobalt Business Park.

I’ve got lots of time on my hands.

The atmosphere in the store was absolutely electric, unlike the vehicle that will actually be delivering the pasties:

Right then, as you can see… it’s a trolly.

Yes it’s got a top speed of 2mph but this bad boy will allow the business park’s 14,000 workers to place their orders online for delivery.

Welcome to the future my friends.

I’m all over this new service. Here are some of my pros and cons:

PRO – No need to queue.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re queing up in Greggs and someone pushes in.

He’s usually about 95 years old and clutching a 4 pack of doughnuts.

Obviously you can’t say anything, he’s 95.

No need to upset the elderly with this new delivery service. Champion.

PRO – Order more food, guilt free.

The shame of ordering three things (that are clearly all for you) can get too much. I often pretend like I just want the one thing, then order more things when questioned.

This is how the majority of my orders go in Greggs.

Me: Hello. Can I have a cheese and bacon wrap please?

Greggs lady: Feeling adventurous today Tom?

Me: Yes. I am Julie.

Greggs lady: Please, call me Greggs lady.

Me: My apologies.

Greggs lady: Anything else?

Me: Oh go on then, seen as you’ve asked I’ll also have a sausage roll.

Greggs lady: Is that everything?

Me: You’ve twisted my arm love! I’ll have a bun. I’ll have a bun and cookie. 2 sausage rolls a bun and cookie. 4 cookies.

*runs out of shop in tears*

This is soon a thing of the past. Order as much as you want, guilt free. Cracking.

CON – The pasty press is no more.

Nobody likes cold food do they?

Let me paint you a little picture…

You’re in Greggs and you fancy a sausage and bean melt. The pastie looks slightly cold. You start to question how long its been sat there.

At this point you can request a Greggs employee to do something that I like to call the ‘pasty press’.

The pasty press is a light press on the desired pasty to determine the temperature. The information is then given to the customer so they can make a more informed decision on whether to go for it or not.

This will usually be followed by a summary of what is due to come out of the oven in the next 3-4 minutes.

I can’t yet see a ‘pasty press’ option on the Greggs delivery website.

There’s also been no official statement from Greggs about this yet but I’d like to think it’s something they are working on.

Surely? How else are the cold pasty concerns of Newcastle going to be addressed?

I’ll keep you posted.