Fat Hippo Review

Recognise this red neon hippo?

Then you’ve probably been to Fat Hippo Underground.

Fat Hippo are a local success story and certainly a popular choice with the locals. It was with great expectations and a rumbling belly that I headed underneath Newcastle city centre to this well established burger restaurant.

Let me start with this sign:


Any promotional material with the phrase “Ye clammin’?'” is a job well done in my eyes.

Fat Hippo don’t take themselves too seriously. Which is a good thing.

There’s a really unique atmosphere in the restaurant. The place is wall-to-wall exposed brick and the dimly lit retro lighting makes you feel like you’ve been invited to a secret underground burger club.

Let’s talk about food.

On a recommendation from some Geordies, I ordered deep fried gherkins as a starter.

I don’t like gherkins. I must have been feeling brave.

When I was younger, the only thing I would ever do with a gherkin is throw it at a McDonalds window. (I’m of course referring to what I would do after buying a burger that included an unwanted gherkin. I didn’t used to specifically go to a McDonalds prepared with gherkins to throw at windows.) It was all the rage in the 1990’s. Ten pin bowling followed by a trip to McDonalds. Firing spit balls through plastic straws and throwing gherkins at windows. Good times.

Gladly I’ve grown up a lot now and I hardly ever throw gherkins at windows.

The deep fried gherkins I had were delicious. Something I would never usually order but the tangy gherkin partnered with the sour cream was genuinely lovely.

If you like things deep fried and that taste nice, get the gherkins.

Let’s move on to the main event.

This is the Fat Hippo Burger:

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The Fat Hippo Burger. #fathippo #burger 🍔

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As you can see it’s a bacony, cheesey, onion ringy beast of a burger.

I’m going to hold my hands up and say I couldn’t get my mouth around the whole thing without first eating an onion ring or two. It’s also the first burger I’ve had that I’ve considered eating with a knife and fork.

You’ll be glad to hear I didn’t.

If you ever see me eating a burger with a knife and fork feel free to slap me round the back of the head.

This burger was awesome. It was cooked a medium-rare which is exactly how I think burgers should be cooked. The bun was soft and not too dry. It wasn’t a greasy burger. It was sloppy but in a good way. The burger tasted like a quality burger and all of the ingredients were mouth-watering. I would order this burger again.

Let’s talk about dirty fries:

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Dirty fries. #fathippo #dirtyfries #bacon #cheese

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I like bacon and I like cheese. These things we know.

Smoother fries with these two ingredients and I am one happy man. The dirty fries went perfectly with my burger. You also get loads, I couldn’t finish them. That’s how it should be with fries.

The one thing I wasn’t really keen on was the Fat Hippo Sauce. It was on my fries and it was on my burger. It’s a signature sauce at the restaurant and meant to give your food a kick without being too spicy. I wasn’t too keen. Of course you don’t have to order food that comes with the sauce and I probably should have asked what it was before ordering it on all my food.

Lesson learnt.

I would highly recommend this restaurant. It’s a great place to get really messy with some really tasty food. I got really messy. I used all of the napkins on my table and half of the napkins on the table next to mine.

The food I had was divine and if you like your grub oozing with loveliness and cheese you should go and pay these guys a visit. Great place to take a big group of people to get stuck in to some grub. There’s also something kind of cool about being underground.

This is what the Fat Hippo website tells customers they can expect from a visit to the restaurant:

Good food. Messy fingers. Juicy burgers.

I am very pleased to say on my visit I encountered all three.

Fat Hippo Underground Newcastle – To book a table now call 0191 447 1161 or go to http://www.fathippo.co.uk