I really like toast.

I’ve always really liked toast.

I’ve never been more aware of my love of toast until recently when our toaster broke down. I genuinely struggled. Mainly because I kept forgetting that the toaster was broken. I spent 4 days finding myself repeating the sentence ‘I’m gonna have a slice of.. bastard!’

When I was a child I would eat lots of toast after school. That’s when I would do the majority of my toast eating. 3:30pm til 5:30pm was toast and cartoons.

I’d normally eaten half a loaf by Bodger & Badger.

Nowadays I’m still in love with toast. It’s so versatile. Beans, cheese, eggs to name but a few of the things I love to put on toast.

The replacement toaster had to be a 4-slicer. We upgraded to a 4-slicer a couple of years ago and, as anyone who is currently the proud owner of a 4-slicer will back me on, once you go 4-slicer you never go back.

Here’s the model we settled on. The De’Longhi Argento CT04.W1 4-Slice Toaster, White.

No expense spared, as you can see:

the proper stuff toaster

the proper stuff toaster

I’m really happy with it. I love the way it toasts.

I even tweeted about the toaster.

I tell you what, a well toasted piece of bread doesn’t half make me happy.

Especially when someone else makes you it.

Is there anything better than when someone offers to make you a slice of toast and then delivers it to your hand? It just tastes better, it’s like when someone makes you a sandwich. Lovely.

Not that I spend my life getting people to make me toast. But if I did, I’d ask them to make me it in a De’Longhi Argento CT04.W1.

Because life’s too short for crap toast.