Nonsense news articles about intelligence levels with the words ‘study shows’ in the title are more likely to be shared on Facebook, study shows.

Breaking news.

I was pushed over the edge this week when I saw an article that had been shared online about cheese. (It’s funny how some things can just really make you snap.)

What started to get me all wound up in the first place are these news articles that claim to be a new study about intelligence levels. You might have seen a few of them shared online. I’ll give you a couple of examples:

Well there you go. Who would have known?

If you’re the eldest child, you swear like a trooper and you’re as messy as you are lazy then you’re a bloody genuis!

What really gets me in a tizzle about this content is not the fact that it’s a load of bollocks. (I wrote an article about toast last month for example). It’s the fact that they get shared so much on social media.

However, I try to be a calm man. I try not to get myself in the too much of a fluster. When I see nonsense online news I just try to smile and swipe on with my life. Aaaand relax. No longer will these ridiculous news stories get me down, I told myself.

Then along came this article:

I finally lost it.

I can put up with a news story about how clever you are if you fart regularly. You can share a headline about how watching Homes Under The Hammer can boost your IQ all day long.

‘Eating cheese may help you lose weight, new study finds.’


Who’s ever used cheese to loose weight? The only way that would ever work as a genuine way to loose weight is if you hid all your takeaway menus under a block of cheese.

You never hear this on one of these TV diet shows with Gok Wan do you?

Gok: Well done Julie, you’ve lost 3 stone since we started your amazing journey. It’s been a struggle at times but the transformation has been well worth it! You’re beaming with confidence, what’s your secret to this amazing weight loss?

Julie: Pasta Bake.