5 reasons why Transport For London is awesome

I’ve lived in London for 2 months now and I’m just about getting the hang of it.

As a born and bred northerner, I’ve struggled to blend in with the trendy London scene. (Announcing myself with an elongated ‘Hellooo’ in a thick Yorkshire accent every time I enter a room probably hasn’t helped.)

London is a lot different. Even the food is different. For example, I’ve eaten in restaurants here and not been able to understand entire menus.

Have you ever had a Beef Bourguignon Pomme Puree? Me neither.

I tell you what I did see on a menu for the first time ever, Filet Mignon. Now, hard to believe, I’d never seen that written down until a couple of weeks ago. I’d heard it before, several times. I’d always assumed people were saying ‘Flaming Yong’. I don’t know what I thought a yong was. I guess I assumed it was some kind of dish that was served on fire?

“How would you like your yong sir?”

“Flaming please.”

“Certainly, one Flaming Yong coming right up”

The one place I do blend right in is on public transport. I look miserable and I sweat profusely, like a proper local. All I’ve got to do now is buy myself a book, an oversized umbrella and a pair of these spectacles:

I’d practically be a Londoner. Until I open my mouth.

“Hellooo, have you got any Flaming Yong?”

One thing most people agree on here is the the transport system is amazing. Which it is.

Here’s 5 reasons why Transport for London is awesome:

Thought of the Day

TFL are very good at sharing words of wisdom.

You don’t often get that from a transport provider. I grew up in Leeds where the only words of wisdom you’d get at the train station would be in the form of a tannoy announcement telling you not to cycle, skateboard or rollerblade. You can’t move for rollerbladers in Leeds train station let me tell you.

Instagram stories

Follow @transportforlondon on Instagram.

Get inspired to explore the city by checking out TFL’s Instagram stories. Awesome if you’re stuck for something to do at the weekend. You get a step-by-step guide of how to have a mini-adventure, accessible by public transport. 10/10.


I was absolutely blown away by the support for London Pride shown by TFL. It was amazing to see the underground flying the flag and made me feel proud to live in a city that believes love is love.

The Night Tube

When I first moved to London I assumed a night tube would be full of murderers. Murderers waiting to murder. Amazingly it’s not. I mean you get the odd crazy, sure. Save yourself some money on a taxi and get yourself a night tube. Make a little friend on the night tube. Don’t tell him where you live incase he is a murderer.


Is there a better way to see London than by boat?

No, there isn’t. The river taxi I got on it had it’s own bar. Lovely stuff.

The transport here is incredible. As a new commuter in this beautiful city, TFL I salute you.