‘Not everybody knows where Yorkshire is’ – Have Seabrook Crisps ruined Yorkshire Day?

If there’s one thing people from Yorkshire like, its Yorkshire.

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  1. Yorkshire puddings
  2. Gravy
  3. Things made in Yorkshire

Today, August 1st, is officially Yorkshire Day.

I’m a Yorkshireman and like everybody from Yorkshire, I’ve got a strange unneccessary enthusiasm for the area. An inexplicable inbuilt pride and a constant need to tell people where I’m from. I call it Yorkshireness.

I’m celebrating by wearing a flat-cap around London and drinking copious amounts of Yorkshire Tea. I’ll be trying to explain to people why people from Yorkshire are so Yorkshire proud. I was also planning on having a bag of Seabrooks crisps, but wait a second…

August 1st is meant to be a day of celebrating Yorkshire. Hold on to your flat-caps…

Yesterday it was revealed that the phrase ‘Lovingly made in Yorkshire’ will be removed from Seabrooks crisp packets.

Previously, the packets said ‘Lovingly Made in Yorkshire’.

Now, the packets read ‘Bags of flavour – Made with pride’.

When questioned about this on Twitter, Seabrooks said the decision was down to the fact that the crisps are sold worldwide:


Apparently some people overseas don’t know where Yorkshire is, which is reasonable.

However my inexplicable inbuilt Yorkshire pride is not so reasonable. Having Yorkshireness can sometimes affect my ability to reason and see sense. This was proven today because when I read that tweet I said:

“How can anybody not know where bloody Yorkshire is?”

I laughed at myself immediately as I realised I’d just gone in to full Yorkshire mode. My Yorkshireness went through the roof. For that split second I expected everyone around the world, regardless of their background, to be aware of Yorkshire and where it is.

“You don’t know where the White Rose Centre is? Where the bloody hell are you from?”

Seabrooks haven’t moved the factory, it’s still in Bradford. Seabrooks have simply had to admit that not everybody knows where Yorkshire is.

Here are some of my favourite tweets of people from Yorkshire reacting to this story:

Have Seabrook Crisps ruined Yorkshire Day? I’ll let you decide.

I’ll be having a bag of my favourites, Canadian Ham. Lovingly made in Yorkshire, regardless of what it says on the packet.

It also turns out Yorkshire has had a huge influence on modern pop music. Let’s celebrate Yorkshire Day together by enjoying this Yorkshire mash-up: