Greggs drive-through to be sausage roll-ed out across the country

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about the UK’s first Greggs drive-through.


The drive-through was be based in Salford, Manchester where it was trialled with the potential to be rolled out nationally. Meaning that rather than having to get out of your car and walk into a Greggs for a sausage roll, you’re now able to simply drive up and be greeted by a smiling Greggs employee.


The drive-through has come from public plea’s on social media and Greggs have given the concept the green light.

You may remember last year when we reported on the Greggs delivery service in Newcastle. 

Having lived in Newcastle, the home of Greggs, for the past few years I’ve eaten more Chicken Bake’s than I ever thought humanly possible.

In the North East, you’re never too far away from a Greggs:

I’ve recently moved to London and the adjustment has been a real struggle.

I’ve not walked past a Greggs for about 7 days now. I’m starting to get the shakes. The Chicken Bake shakes.

Here’s a picture I saw online before moving down south:

‘Oh thank god, they’ve got Greggs”. I said to myself.

Here is a map of the Greggs around me right now:

As you can imagine I’m not happy.

It’s a shame because I was just really getting into Peach Melba’s. If you’ve never tried a Peach Melba from Greggs you’ve not lived.

To the people of Salford, count yourself lucky to be blessed with the Greggs drive through.

I’m surrounded by Sushi bars and Vegan cafe’s.

They don’t do Peach Melba’s in Sushi bars and Vegan cafe’s. I’ve asked.

Will the Greggs drive-through make it to London?! I doubt it. It looks like it’s Pret A Manger for me from now. I had a duck and hoisin sauce wrap from Pret a couple of days ago.

It was lovely but it just wasn’t a chicken bake, you know?