The Ultimate Wedding Checklist – A Groom’s Guide

I’m getting married a week today.

I’m excited and nervous and giddy. Mostly excited.

After months of careful planning, the big day is (almost) finally here. As a full-time groom-to-be, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks over the past few months.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable calling myself an expert on being a groom but I’ve put together some handy hints for my fellow grooms based on some of my extensive groom expertise. You’re welcome.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist – A Groom’s Guide. (from expert groom Tom Boston)

✔︎ Pretend that you have helped plan the wedding

Your wife-to-be has been planning your wedding for months and has meticulously thought about every single detail. She’s single-handedly made the wedding a possibility. She’s remained calm and she’s organised everything. Without her the day would be a disaster.

Don’t let that stop you taking credit for it though. Use phrases like:

‘I never knew there was so much to think about when planning a wedding’


‘It’s been non-stop planning this wedding’

✔︎ Learn about flowers

You might need to know about/ talk about flowers. Know your stuff. If you get a phone call from the florist asking you about Peonies and Gypsophila, you are going to have to know what both of those words mean. Practise confidently talking about flowers to avoid sounding stupid.

✔︎ Download Pintrest

As a man, you will have never used Pinterest in your whole life. As a groom, Pinterest will become a major part of your life. Put pins on pictures of wedding things and pretend like you know what you are doing.

✔︎ Make your day exciting

You’ll understandably want to make sure the weather is nice for the wedding. Why not add an element of excitement to your day by getting married in the North-East of England, famous for it’s cold and miserable weather. Check your phone on a daily basis and panic every time you see anything put a sunshine forecast for your wedding day.

✔︎ Buy some pineapple swimming trunks

One of the big decisions we’ve had to make whilst planning this wedding has been what trunks I should get for the honeymoon. After speaking to many different people and looking at various colours, patterns and materials we decided on pineapples. Every couple of days start thinking about how groovy you’re going to look in your new pineapple trunks.

✔︎ Be nice to your future wife

Never forget how amazing your fiancée has been whilst planning your wedding. Be nice to her and thank her for putting up with all of your nonsense.

✔︎ Be sentimental

If you can’t write a blog about how completely in love you are with your wife-to-be a week before the big day then when can you eh? Keep it sentimental. It’s your wedding day. You’re allowed.