What is it really like living in London?

I recently moved to London with my wife.

We got married a couple of weeks ago and I’m still enjoying introducing her as ‘my wife’ to everyone or anyone we meet.

We moved from the north and many of my friends and family seemed flummoxed by the decision to move down south. I’m a stereotypical northerner. I have a typical northern accent, a typical unexplainable love for my hometown and gravy is my second favourite drink. I get asked lots of questions about what it’s actually like living in London.

I thought what better way to answer those questions than a light hearted blog post addressing some FAQ’s about London living.

Is it busy?

Yes. It’s really busy. Even when it shouldn’t be busy. Tuesday afternoons. Chaos.

It’s so busy that if there’s a rare moment that it’s not busy, you find yourself getting overly excited and celebrating events that shouldn’t need celebrating. I recently got a seat on the train to AND from work. It was magical.

Is it expensive?

Yes. In my local pub a Guinness (first favourite drink) is £5. I struggled with this for a while.

I’ve just about come to terms with it and luckily I’m getting older now so I can’t drink as much as I used to. There’s a tip for you. Don’t move to London if you’re young. You’ll never be able to afford the booze.

On the plus side my local pub allows dogs so you could say it’s a small price to pay. Although, it’s not a small price to pay. It’s £5 a pint to pay.

Are people rude?

People in London aren’t rude they are just busy.

Let’s use ants as an example. An ant is constantly working, constantly moving and constantly trying to get somewhere. Ants aren’t rude are they? They’ve just got a lot on their plates. Londoners are like ants. Except they don’t work together as a team.

Is it safe?

No, not at all. There’s no time to worry about all that though. Londoners just crack on. I love that about London.

Is rush hour hectic?

It’s like a nightmare but you’re awake and someone smells of B.O.

The sensible ones don’t travel in rush hour. They go to the pub.

For more tips and advice on surviving London at rush hour click here. Shameless.

Do you ever struggle to find a Pret A Manger?

Absolutely not.

Is it fun?

Living in London is incredibly fun. There’s history, culture and there’s always something going on. I don’t think it’s for everyone and sometimes my grumpy Yorkshireman comes out. Often when I’m on the underground.

However, you’ve just got to go with it. If you adapt slightly to the London way of life you’ll be rewarded by a city living experience unlike any other in the world.

Are car stereos louder?

They are 100% louder. I’ve never heard music that loud coming out of cars.

What’s the weather like?

I lived in Newcastle. It’s tropical.

Is it easy to make friends?

Get a dog, you’ll make friends. Well, your dog will make friends and then consequently you’ll make friends. Come for the cute dog, stay for the Yorkshire charm.

Will I need to know anything about London?


Even if I write a decide to write a blog about London and then on my Twitter bio claim to be a ‘London Blogger’?

I wouldn’t dwell on that too much.