How to survive a London tube strike cancellation

Thousands of commuters breathed a sigh of relief this week when the planned tube strike was called off.

Okie dokie, the trains are running and everyone is happy let’s talk about something else shall we?

Well slow down there cowboy, because not everybody is pleased that the strike isn’t going ahead. I think it’s safe to say I’m outnumbered, in fact I might be the only person in London to be disappointed that the strike got cancelled, but let me explain myself…

I’d written a blog post titled ‘How to survive a London tube strike’ that I was planning to share this Thursday. The post was well structured, topical and the funny bits were a solid 7/10. (Which regular readers of this blog will confirm is a rarity).

Imagine my disappointment when I received this statement:


I couldn’t post the blog as planned. So I’ve decided to write my own statement:

Dear blog reader,

The blog post ‘5 ways to survive a tube strike in London’ that was planned to be posted on Thursday 5 October has now been suspended. The Proper Stuff will now operate as normal.

Unfortunately this post has had to be discarded. This is a direct result of tube drivers who have now selfishly decided to go to work on Thursday. Depriving you, the commuter, of a chance to read a blog post with moderately funny observations about what it’s like during a tube strike. You won’t be able to enjoy my light-hearted comments on the joys of walking around London or my clever observations about all the first-time cyclists attempting not to die on the streets of London.

I now speak to TFL directly, please think in the future when cancelling a tube strike. The 10s of people who regularly read this blog have now been robbed of a post that could have changed everything, a post that could have gone viral. I think, and I believe I speak for the majority of London when I say this, they’ll be many people on the underground this Thursday with a somewhat disheartened look on their faces. Train carriages full of commuters collectively thinking the same thing:

“I wish I was on a replacement bus service reading The Proper Stuff’s hilarious blog post about the tube strike right now.”

Hundreds of thousands of people will arrive to work on time this Thursday. However they’ll arrive deprived of the chance to read, what some people are saying, could have been the greatest blog post ever written ever in the whole world.

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Boston, The Proper Stuff