What’s so great about Greenwich?

Do you like parks? Do you like pubs?

Then you’ll love Greenwich. A place where the views are great. A place where the people are great. A place where everything is essentially, great.

Here’s a list of specifically what makes living in Greenwich so damn great.

There’s a lovely big park

What a view. I can’t get enough of that view.

We moved to London a year ago. We picked Greenwich so that we’d have somewhere to take our dog Ralph out for a walk. It was all going well for about two days. Then Ralph met the squirrels.

I didn’t know about the squirrels.

Ralph had never even seen a squirrel before we moved down here. Now he lives for squirrels. He’s obsessed with squirrels. His favourite thing to do in the park (and in the world) is to chase squirrels.

I think it’s the fluffy tails.

I don’t take Ralph for a walk anymore. I essentially take him squirrel hunting.

However, there’s more to living in Greenwich than trying to avoid killing a squirrel.

You can get a boat into town

Is there a better feeling than jumping on a boat to pop into town?

You’ve got the wind in you hair and not a care in the world. Giddy with excitement as you set sail into one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It’s a little different to what I’m used to. Growing up, I’d get the number 4 bus into town. It looked like this:

There was a lot of hype in Leeds when this bus launched. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. For a start, It was bendy and purple. Qualities that aren’t often associated with bus travel and therefore, exciting.

Not as exciting as a boat though.

I like the boat that goes from Greenwich into London. There’s even a bar on the boat. I like that there’s a bar on the boat.

If you wanted alcohol on the number 4 bus into Leeds, the only option was to ask the bloke on the back seat if you could have one of his cans of Red Stripe.

He’d almost never say yes.

There’s loads of lovely dogs

You have to be a dog owner if you live in Greenwich. It’s part of the rules.

Preferably pedigree. Not a horrible cross-breed like Ralph.

Greenwich Park is full of pedigree dogs.

It’s like crufts, but without the obstacle course.

Mostly French Bulldogs. Whoever is selling French Bulldogs in Greenwich is making a killing. They are everywhere.

I recently stumbled across something called a Sausage Walk. It turned out to be a Sausage Dog meet-up for Sausage Dog owners.

Only in Greenwich.

I know what you’re thinking. How many Sausage Dogs can there realistically be in the South London area? It was absolutely packed. I’ve never seen so many sausage dogs.

A lot of the Sausage Dogs had coats on which I liked.

There’s loads of pubs

If you like pubs, you’ll like Greenwich.

The Old Brewery and The Gipsy Moth are both dog friendly.

Take your French Bulldog. Meet all the other French Bulldogs. Don’t talk about your dog chasing squirrels, it’s frowned upon.

The food’s good at The Old Brewery. I got Fish & Chips. Lovely.

You can eat avocado in a cafe

If you have had too many portions of Fish & Chips for one week.

Have an avocado.

There are so many cafes in Greenwich, they all look so lovely. However, what I have found is quite shocking.

In the window of every single cafe in Greenwich you will see someone, eating avocado on toast. No matter what time of the day.

They love an avocado in Greenwich.

I’ve never had an avocado in my entire life. I daren’t tell my neighbours.

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