An open letter to McVities

To McVities, I am a lifelong biscuit enthusiast. When I have a cup of tea I like to have something to dunk. Is there anything more satisfying than dunking a biscuit in a cuppa? It’s not a choice it’s a necessity. I am somewhat of a maverick, I’m always searching for new things to dunk […]

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Well, it’s Easter

Easter, a time for lying to myself. Every time I eat an Easter egg I lie to myself and I lie to the people around me. This happens every year, without fail. I’m pathological. “I’ll just have half of this egg, I won’t eat a full one.” Liar. I’m a liar. I don’t know what’s […]

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I really like toast.

I’ve always really liked toast. I’ve never been more aware of my love of toast until recently when our toaster broke down. I genuinely struggled. Mainly because I kept forgetting that the toaster was broken. I spent 4 days finding myself repeating the sentence ‘I’m gonna have a slice of.. bastard!’ When I was a child […]

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Fat Hippo Review

Recognise this red neon hippo? Then you’ve probably been to Fat Hippo Underground. Fat Hippo are a local success story and certainly a popular choice with the locals. It was with great expectations and a rumbling belly that I headed underneath Newcastle city centre to this well established burger restaurant. Let me start with this sign: […]

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Greggs Delivered: Pros and Cons

There are 29 Greggs in Newcastle. That’s a canny few sausage rolls. I’ve yet to meet anyone in the North East who isn’t a fan of Greggs. Statistics have shown that on any given day around 90% of Geordies will have wolfed down a steak bake within the past 48 hours. Fact. You can’t argue with […]

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5 signs that you’re trying to be healthy but you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing

I love food. If I’m not eating it, I’m either thinking about it or I’m blogging about it. Sometimes I’m thinking about it whilst eating it whilst blogging about it. *brushes biscuit crumbs from keyboard* I’ve always had a taste for unhealthy food. It just tastes better doesn’t it? To give you an idea of how […]

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