My week on Green Tea

Over 98% of Londoners now exclusively drink Green Tea. That’s a fact. You can’t argue with the facts. People in London keep telling me how good Green Tea is. Life changing, they tell me. Here’s an example of the kind of conversations I’ve been a part of since moving here: “I replaced coffee with Green […]

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An open letter to McVities

To McVities, I am a lifelong biscuit enthusiast. When I have a cup of tea I like to have something to dunk. Is there anything more satisfying than dunking a biscuit in a cuppa? It’s not a choice it’s a necessity. I am somewhat of a maverick, I’m always searching for new things to dunk […]

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The best burger in toon

We have a winner! Last year I visited the top 3 burger resturants in this fine city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with one very simple aim. To see if I could find the best burger in toon. I went to Five Guys, Byron Hamburgers and Fat Hippo. 3 amazing burger joints and 3 amazing burgers. I love my food and […]

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Fat Hippo Review

Recognise this red neon hippo? Then you’ve probably been to Fat Hippo Underground. Fat Hippo are a local success story and certainly a popular choice with the locals. It was with great expectations and a rumbling belly that I headed underneath Newcastle city centre to this well established burger restaurant. Let me start with this sign: […]

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Greggs Delivered: Pros and Cons

There are 29 Greggs in Newcastle. That’s a canny few sausage rolls. I’ve yet to meet anyone in the North East who isn’t a fan of Greggs. Statistics have shown that on any given day around 90% of Geordies will have wolfed down a steak bake within the past 48 hours. Fact. You can’t argue with […]

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