The best burger in toon

We have a winner! Last year I visited the top 3 burger resturants in this fine city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with one very simple aim. To see if I could find the best burger in toon. I went to Five Guys, Byron Hamburgers and Fat Hippo. 3 amazing burger joints and 3 amazing burgers. I love my food and […]

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Greggs Delivered: Pros and Cons

There are 29 Greggs in Newcastle. That’s a canny few sausage rolls. I’ve yet to meet anyone in the North East who isn’t a fan of Greggs. Statistics have shown that on any given day around 90% of Geordies will have wolfed down a steak bake within the past 48 hours. Fact. You can’t argue with […]

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Afternoon Tea: A beginner’s guide

Do you like sandwiches? Do you like your sandwiches served on a plate that’s under a plate of scones that’s under a plate of cakes? If the answer to these questions is absolutely yes, then you’ll love afternoon tea. Until very recently I was an afternoon tea novice. Now, like everything I do in life, I’ve done […]

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